My passion started with deep love to nature, to the great outdoors, to breath-taking scenery, sun-rises and sun-sets, the crisp air, the endless carpet of stars – TO THE DESERT. I grew up in Ein Yahav in the Arava desert. An island of green in an endless space of harsh desert, a contrast just inviting you to play, my click with the camera was all but inevitable…

It started with an old rumpled Canon F1, hang loose on a dirt bike, always there, ready to touch a moment, just before it fades away. In 1996 I decided to study art and photography in Hadassah College in Jerusalem, majoring in stills photography. My graduation work, “Scenery of Close Quarters Battle”, was published in Globes Magazine of that year.

In 1996 I opened my studio, “Hazalamim”, in the old city of Jaffa. Hazalamim means Photographers, in plural, emphasizing my vision of diversity through the merger and combination of different styles and perspectives, my inherent urge to explore…

When I photograph, I tell a story, and like any good story teller, while the plot is prewritten, the presentation of it is of the essence, it wraps, colors and shapes the dimensions of the constant and makes it persona, unique, different, memorable.

In my perception, photography is a well coordinated dance of catch, a ghost in its presence, placidly attending the background, letting the players, the drama, feelings of joy, happiness and sometimes sadness, to be reflected through my lens

“A camera is a tool for learning how to see without a camera”, Dorothea Lange.